From The Author

Dr Michelle Dickinson MNZM

She was a scientist - she could follow a recipe, and adjust the way she cooked to affect the outcome or solve a problem - she just didn’t think about it in that way. That conversation was the inspiration for this book, and the start of three years’ research.

Using the scientific knowledge I’ve gathered from my experience in research labs, I’ve spent three years in the kitchen at home trying different experiments.

After lots of trial and error, I’ve compiled the top 50 of these in this book, each presented as an easy-to-follow recipe, just as you might find in a recipe book.

Every experiment in this book is easy to do - you need no previous scientific experience, and they only require ingredients and equipment that are commonly found in the home.

All of the recipes in this book are safe for even the youngest members of your family, and at the same time engaging enough to be enjoyed right through to the teenage years. They explore the worlds of physics, chemistry and biology while also using the construction and building skills vital for budding engineers.

Scientists and engineers are the problem solvers of our world, and this book is written to help develop these skills in a way that is fun, and sometimes even edible!

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